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Way far down below you don’t feel it
Yeah everyone knows but we don’t believe it
With the pain of a pop star you’re breaking my heart


Serena and Ben Fletcher were apparently happily married, and eventually Serena gave birth to identical twin sons.

However, it turned out that Serena had been flirting with an American over the internet for some time, and when released from the hospital, eloped to America – taking one of the twins with her. This twin was named Cameron.

Ben agreed to a divorce and brought up the other boy, Spencer. He never remarried, instead concentrating entirely on his career as a GP. Spencer worked hard at school and eventually enrolled in a London university to study Media with his best friend, an Irish boy his age named Roy Kavanaugh.

Serena and her new husband Evan Blake, on the other hand, enjoyed the profits of Cameron’s new-found fame as a pop-rock idol in their area. Cameron, more than willing to fulfil the stereotype, consistently gets drunk and doped, ending up in jail overnight and relying on his mother to bail him out – with his own money. He’s also managed to get a club barmaid pregnant, and the thought of commitment terrifies him…

Cameron decides to escape to England and meet his brother.



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