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I first created this comic when I was about 20 years old – and various inceptions of the story since I was about 15 – and I’ve matured a lot since then. I’m remaking the earlier pages and I hope to improve the story and the dialogue. It was always a project that I could use to improve my drawing and I’m still using it for that! One of my main targets with the redraw and continuation is to keep the character models consistent.

What in the heck does BBB*RAVE! stand for?

The title was originally a corruption of the song title “Baby Be Brave” by The Corrs. You don’t need to read into it.

How about “history will never feel sorry for you” as the first chapter tagline?

I dunno man, I was just feeling edgy and I like to think Douglas Coupland quotes make me look intelligent and cool.

Who is the main character?

It seems like it should be Stevie as she does a lot of narrating, but Spencer is my favourite so it’s probably him.

What has changed since 2010?

Some names and small character details have changed because some of the characters were loosely based on people I knew as a teen and I feel a bit uncomfortable about that now. I’m hoping to take out some of the dirtier jokes/references and clean up some red flags.

What year is the story set in?

We’re operating on comic time, baby! So everything is set somewhen between 2010 and today, but there’s no specific year. Technology and popular media will be all over the place, the characters have no specific years of birth, and I probably won’t cover things like the pandemic.

What does Cameron’s music sound like?

Cameron’s music probably won’t get properly revealed because what am I, a songwriter? but imagine it’s electronic bangers with edgy lyrics. I currently have songs from 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship in my drawing playlist that I associate with him.

Do you live in London?

No, I live rurally on the south coast and I don’t even particularly love London, it just seemed a fun place to set the story – Stevie is from a similar sleepy village and I thought throwing her into the big city the first time she was living away from home would be interesting.

Why Las Vegas?

I’m gonna be real with you, I had probably just come back from my first trip to Las Vegas when I started developing that part of the story. Realistically I think it would be a good place to start a music career if your mother was an aggressive local agent.

How did Stevie find out about Cameron’s music career before Spencer?

Tumblr, probably.

I’ve got a question about Stevie’s age if she’s Spencer’s love interest

Yeah, questionable age gaps/differences are a trope in CLAMP manga which heavily influenced my drawing and storytelling at the time this was originally created. I’m probably keeping the ages but taking the story in a different direction to make sure it’s treated correctly and gets questioned.

There are some questionable words used?

Those are gonna get cleaned up as soon as I can remake the pages. 🥲

Obligatory “tools used” section

  • Currently: Lenovo Yoga 7i & pen, Clip Studio Paint EX
  • Previously: Lenovo Miix 700 & pen, Clip Studio Paint EX
  • Extremely previously: Macbook (2008 Core 2 Duo) & Wacom Bamboo, Manga Studio Debut

Fonts used

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