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Full name: Spencer Alfie Fletcher
Age: 19
Birthday: 17th May
Nationality: English
The main character, Spencer is a student of Media at a London university. He wears glasses and otherwise styles himself after the frontman of an alternate rock band – as long as there’s a high neckline or a scarf involved. Spencer is an excellent student, unlike his twin. He works part-time in an Apple Store. Spencer’s best friend is Roy, who he met on the internet.


Full name: Stevie Elizabeth Houghton
Age: 16
Birthday: 19th February
Nationality: English/Chinese
Stevie is fresh out of school, at 16 years old. She’s been accepted to a performing arts school in London for her prowess in the area. She is a huge Cameron Blake fangirl. As she has a crush on Cameron, she immediately falls for Spencer (without initially realising the relation). She was named after Stevie Nicks and does not appreciate people calling her “Steve”. She has one sibling; a sister called Linzie.


Full name: Ruadh “Roy” Aodhán Kavanaugh
Age: 19
Birthday: 7th August
Nationality: Irish
Roy is Spencer’s Irish best friend. He’s in the same class at the same university as Spencer. They met on the internet at age 14. Spencer has kept quiet about Cameron, and Roy feels his position as Spencer’s best friend is threatened as soon as Cameron arrives on the scene. Roy’s parents own a solicitor’s firm in Dublin. Roy has a younger sister by the name of Izzy.


Full name: Lisa Charlotte Ramsay
Age: 20
Birthday: 8th October
Nationality: English
Lisa is a student of nursing. She is the third housemate of the house that she shares with Spencer and Roy, and is the one that selects Stevie as the final tenant of the house despite her financial shortcomings. Lisa treats Stevie as a younger sister, and was formerly torn between setting Spencer and Roy up with each other, and hitting on Roy herself. Lisa has a brother called Lowry and two much younger sisters called Robin and Shauna.


Full name: Cameron Tyler Blake
Age: 19
Birthday: 17th May
Nationality: English (American citizen)
Cameron is Spencer’s twin brother. He lives in Las Vegas with his mother, Serena, and his stepfather, Evan. Cameron is a musical star and lives the reckless life of one. He has never met his brother, and he’s never shown any interest in that nerd. He’s only vaguely aware of what happened to Spencer four years ago.



Full name: Miles James Fletcher
Age: 52
Birthday: 3rd December
Nationality: English
Miles is the father of Spencer and Cameron, and ex-husband of Serena. He’s a doctor. He didn’t seem to be very affected by Serena moving away from him and demanding a divorce, devoting himself to his career and bringing up Spencer to the best of his ability. Miles has very little to do with Serena and Cameron, not necessarily by choice. His sons inherited his short-sightedness.


Full name: Serena Ruby Blake
Age: 49
Birthday: 15th November
Nationality: English (American citizen)
Serena is the mother of Spencer and Cameron. Serena is very tall and very beautiful, but also very selfish and self-centred. She met Evan via a dating service while she was pregnant with the twins and was enamoured by the idea of moving to the US. Besides, Miles was never the most exciting man on the planet. She believes she did Miles an enormous favour in leaving one of their boys with him.

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